Welcome to the El Segundo Education Foundation’s March Madness 50/50 contest! This is not your typical March Madness contest. Our “Super Squares for Schools” gives you 15 chances to win! Your square is your ticket to win throughout the NCAA Tournament kicking off with the Sweet 16 Round on March 27.


Here’s how it works :

Each square you purchase on the 10×10 grid of squares will be your square for every game throughout the tournament starting with the Sweet 16 Round and ending with the Championship Game for a total of 15 games and 15 chances to win!

Prior to the start of the first game on March 27, each row and column will be randomly assigned a number from 0 to 9 to represent the last digit (the ones value) of the final score for each game. These numbers will remain locked in place for the entire tournament.

The horizontal (top) axis will always be associated with the winning team of each game and the vertical (left) axis will always be associated with the losing team of each game.

After each game one square per grid will be declared the winner. The winning square will match the last digit of the winning and losing teams’ final score on the grid.

The winner for each game will receive a 50/50 split of the total pool, not just one grid. This means that you have the opportunity to potentially win 1/15th of 50% of the total pool each game (approximately $330 per game for 15 games). The remaining 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the Ed! grant to the El Segundo Unified School District, funding programs at our schools.


How do you participate?

Purchase your square(s) below. Each square is $100. Be on the lookout for your purchase confirmation email. Don’t forget to check your spam folder!

The email will contain a link to the website where you select your square(s). You can login to  the website with an existing username and password (for those that participated in the Super Bowl Pool) or create a new username and password.

Important – When asked to provide ‘Your Entry Name’, please be sure it matches the Credit Card Holders Name.

Once logged in, you will go to the March Madness Super Squares for Schools Dashboard.

Click on View Squares and then select any open square you want. Clicking in the box will put your name in it.

Additional details will be included in the confirmation email.

Then just sit back and enjoy the games!


Good luck to everyone and thank you for supporting our March Madness Super Squares for Schools contest! If you have any questions, please email jennifer@esedf.org.



— Your Ed! Foundation

*Winning payouts are calculated based on the numbers of squares purchased for the entire pool.  Payout for each grid will be the same for all grids regardless of the number of squares sold on a particular grid.  By purchasing a square you will have 15 chances to win.


Note: If purchasers have not selected their squares by 11:59 pm on Friday, March 26, squares will be assigned by the Pool Administrator.