“A society grows great when one plants trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit”

– Anonymous Greek Proverb


Excellent public schools will require additional private funding over the long term. Recognizing this, many years ago Ed! created an Endowment Fund.  Today, through donations and investment gains that follows a prudent, long-term investment strategy overseen by Ed!’s Endowment Committee, our Endowment has grown to $3 million.


Ed! extends its gratitude to the following Endowment Fund donors:

Duane Conover for his $50,000 contribution to dedicate a high school classroom in memory of Spanish teacher, Señor Frank Real.

Plaza El Segundo for its $1 million pledge to be given over five years in support of the endowment.

Kim and Bill Bue, Jr. who donated $50,000 to the Endowment Fund in 2004.

Keith and Joy Schuldt who donated their building at 225 Richmond Street to Ed! in 2004. The sale of the building, which formerly housed Schuldt Printing, amounted to a $450,000 endowment gift.


Thank you to these and all of our other generous donors!



Who can give to the Ed! Endowment and how?

We invite our alumni, friends and neighbors to partner with us in providing an educational experience that will help our students realize their own capacities to the fullest. You are investing in an exciting legacy of discovery, creativity and leadership.

An endowment gift is one where the principal donation is maintained in perpetuity and only a portion of the annual investment return is spent. Surplus earnings are reinvested in the endowment so that over the years, the fund can grow and provide long-term financial security.

Outright Gifts  Gifts of cash, securities or other property provide the Endowment with immediate financial assistance.

Pledge  A pledge is a formal statement to make a gift to the Ed! Endowment Fund. Many donors choose to complete their pledge by making regular payments over a period of time. This method allows donors to give more generously than they might have originally considered. We encourage payment of pledges within five years of the original commitment, with the exception of gifts through wills and estate plans.

Matching Gifts  Many corporations encourage employee philanthropy by matching or multiplying their employees’ gifts to the Endowment. Before you make a gift, you may want to ask whether your employer participate in such a program.

Planned Giving  One of the easiest and most common ways to give is through a gift in your will or living trust. Your gift may be made in your name or to memorialize a loved one. You may choose to leave a specific dollar amount, a particular piece of real or personal property, a percentage of the estate, all or a portion of the residue of the estate following the satisfaction of other bequests, or a combination of the above. When you decide to remember The Ed! Endowment in your will, please notify our Ed! Executive Director and Endowment Chair.

Why do we need an Endowment Fund? 

The Endowment Fund will allow Ed! to provide a more secure source of long-term funding for enhanced educational programs and activities, while lessening the Foundation’s dependence on annual fundraising.

Currently, Ed! is charged with raising almost $2 million each year to support existing school programs. While the annual appeal has historically reached its goal – and sometimes surpassed it – virtually all of the money raised is repaying the grant that has already been spent and then the process must begin again. The success of this annual fundraising effort is dependent upon the generosity of our donors, our ability to attract volunteers, the state of the economy, immediate school and community issues, and other factors sometimes beyond the control of Ed!.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

The El Segundo Education Foundation is a California non-profit, public benefit, corporation under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The federal tax ID number for the Foundation is 95-3885992.  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.