Thank you for joining us at the 14th Annual Ladies Night Out. Your participation enables Ed! to continue its important mission of bridging the financial gap so the El Segundo Unified School District can continue its award-winning curriculum and innovative programs. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

2022 Super Models:

Guadalupe Grijalva     Lauren Weinbaum     Laurie Berkowitz     Tulika Kidambi     Samantha Lee     Sienna Hopkins     Steve Gebhart     David March     Rosie Cumming     Kendric Rollins     Mara Klug     Lilly Califano     Åse Fuchs     Elena Wagner-Bagues     Sylvia Bagues-Wagner     Kirsten Kneipp     Sara Whelan     Sarah Barlup     Jill Brunkhardt-Dunn

Styled by:

Shops Coming Soon!

Frocks & Rocks     I Am My Story     Jewelry By Cynde     27 Miles Malibu     Moody B. Candles     Beach Trees Hermosa Beach     Wild Ember Creations     Firehouse Toffee     Gifts 2 Have     Waverly     Belafit     … still adding more!

Thank You Sponsors:

Looking for sponsors, vendors, and shops. For more information, please contact Carol – carol@esedf.org  Thank you for your support!