Superintendent's Roundtable

The Superintendent’s Roundtable (SR) is a special group of donors who make an annual donation of $1200 or more. Contributions from SR members represent a significant portion of the total grant the Foundation presents to the school district each year. A special THANK YOU to all who have given the extra dollar to keep our schools secure, strong and thriving.


*An extra special thank you to the Lifetime Members whose financial support has earned them a permanent spot on the Superintendent’s Roundtable list.

Bill & Kim Bue Jr.

Duane H. Conover

Keith & Joy Schuldt

Ron & Maylee Swanson

Valedictorian ($5,000+)

Alex and Dorreen Abad
Robert and Christa Caban
Joseph Casale and Liz Davidson
Duane H. Conover, Esq.
Emil Cotey and Kristi Cswaykus
Ben and Suzana Davidson
Ben and Melissa Hunt
Lynn O’Neil James
Russell and Kirsten Kneipp
Kristian and Holly Kobzina
Wade and Cathy Stevens


Salutatorian ($3,000-$4,999)

Doug Bernauer and Mayra Zubia
Christian and Christina Bravo
Philip and Kathleen Buckley
Matt Crabbs
Patrick and Teri Doucette
Will Kirby and Erin Brodie
Chris Powell
Lee and Christine Sherrill
Paul and Sarah Snow


Dean’s List ($2,000-$2,999)

Paul and Maria Alcus William and Laura Jordan
Robert and Barbara Berkes Michael and Maria Kiner/The Ralph Kiner Foundation
Aaron Bernardin and Lalima Hoq Nathan and Dina Kinkaid
Rakesh and Pragna Bhakta Dave and Tracy Klages
Chetan and Rina Bharel Randy and Jody Kleiger
Mike and Barbara Briney Jeremy and Judy Lai-Yates
Robert and Shannin Brooke Todd and Beth Levin
Craig and Tiffany Brooks David and Virginia McPherson
Neil and Becky Cadman Dr. Melissa Moore
André and Shannon Castellanos Ty and Tiffany Moore
Mark and Danielle Christian Gabe and Mary Moy
Lily Craig Douglas and Aimee Nakagawa
Dick and Nancy Croxall Roger and Michelle Nieves
Rob and Amy Croxall Joseph and Angie O’Day
Darrick and Milana Davis Chris and Jayne Pimlott
Daniel Duffy and Sonja Sevcik Robert and Maria Pita
Aaron and Ashley Eveland Ernie and Lorrie Poublon
Blake and Megan Fischer Dan and Elizabeth Rahmel
James and Racquel Frawley Rugiero and Liz Ramos
Timothy and Lisa Frei Paul and Nadine Rayburn
David Friedberg and Angela Damante Ben and Amy Relles
Patrick and Jenny Gardner Francisco and Nadine Romero
Jeff and Katherine Gettinger Jeremy and Lisa Schilling
Lance and Georgina Giroux Spencer and Madelon Smith
Donald and Norma Gonzalez Russell Snyder
Brendan and Sara Gormley Steve and Heather Sutherland
Jason and Trina Gregory Andrew and Dieema Wheaton
Jeff and Kim Hart Erland and Naomi Wittig
Jenn Jirkovsky Steve and Soomin Yung
John and Nancy Edwards Family Foundation Chad and Rebeccah Yussman


Honor Roll ($1,200-$1,999)

David and Leslie Adlam Todd and Molly Kusserow
Lance and Kourtney Alarcon Maurice and Maria Lallemand
Kevin and Tammy Albano Ryan and Vivian Lane
Josh Alpert and Heidi Bremner / Good Swings Happen Paul Lanyi and Kristi Harris
(John) Dennis and Erica Alshuler Bryant Le and Ginny Lin
Jeff and Ann Amaral Taryn Leach
Averell and Jacqueline Aranda Nate and Stephanie Lemmerman
Joshua Arieta and Tami Higa Michael and Gwen Lipsey
Tim and Robyn Arnold Michael Littleton and Anu Garg
Chad and Jill Arthur/Arthur Orthodontics Russ and Marie Logan
DeAnne Aussem & Jodie Davies Robert and Maria Luetgens
Ryan and Kara Baldino Al and Oli Luna
Matt and Sarah Barlup Dawn MacFadyen
Billy Barnhart and Michelle Murata-Barnhart Ryan and Michelle Machado
John and Nina Baumler Mike and Jennifer Mackerer
Eric and Marie Beetner Ricardo Mahmoud
Jeff and Paula Belson Tom and Nicole Mahoney
Salim Bensrhir and Kiki Christensen James and Laura Maloy
Daniel and Chau Berman Jon-Michal Marr and Tiffany Jones
Stephen Bhadran and Sunitha Koshy Daniel and Tina Martinez
David and Connie Bloom Shawn and Lisa Matlosz
Richard Bogan Tracy and Karen McAndrews
Shawn Bowen and Julie Hoang Jim and Heather McCaulley
Drew and Lee Boyles Jonathan and Melissa McCaverty
Jeff and Susan Brown Marc and Jennifer McCullough
Nathan Brown Jason and Doris McDowall
Chris and Danielle Busse Michael and Miriam McMahan
Lance and Julie Bustrum Matthew and Danielle McMillon
Rod and Kelley Butcher William and Jill McNally
David and Sherri Cadmus Michael and Valeri Mendoza
Alfredo and Kim Calimlim James Miller
David and Susan Callahan Kevin Miller
Brad and Jinie Campbell Bokki Min and Amy (Yeonjoo ) Lee
Gene and Patty Canzano David and Laura Mitchell
Tony and Tara Carmichael Denise Moore
Dante and Sara Caruso Gary and Lori Nelson
Edwin and Christine Chang Steve Nelson and Sheila Miller-Nelson
Louis and Claudia Chasez Tom and Pamela Nelson
Alex and Sheri Chen Jonathon Neumann
Dan Chen and Cora Lee Sam and Donna Nishihara
David Chen and Amy Su Jeanie Nishime and Spencer Bauer
Kelsey Durkin Chittick Luke and Sarah Olesiuk
Jerry and Teresa Cipriano Ryan and Jenette Osborne
Chris and Eve Claudino Richie A Palomo
Steve and Esther Cleland Chris and Marian Palzis
Gary and Shuko Clouse Paul Pastorelli and Jennifer Rowell
Frank and Naoko (Matsumoto) Coats Scott and Kristen Patterson
Nancy Cobb Dolores Peterson
Shaun and Mariah Cooley Benjamin and Ashley Phelps
Matt and Amy Cooper Ellery and Mary Pierce
Tony and Mary Cotrufo Marc Pilkvist/MP Electric
William and Rosie Cumming Craig and Jill Pintens
Edd and Jenny Davies Mike and Cindy Purchase
Scott and Monique Davis Curtis Raines and Samantha Sarakanti
Fotis and Sarah Davlantis Lance and Jennifer Ralls
Jamie Delgado John and Meg Ramsay
Gregory and Eva Dell Greg and Tiffanie Randall
James and Silke DeLouise Michael and Stephanie Rasmussen
Damian and Elizabeth Dering Luke Ravitch
Jack and Lisa Desemone Michael Reed
Krisi Mills Donahue David and Molly Reichle
Patrick and Kristen Dorr David and Nancy Reimann
Mike and Marcy Dugan Brad and Kelly Remmer
Mike and Gilda Dyckman / Cars Muffler & Automotive Richard and Katherine Richter
John and Lori Eastman Freddy and Mireya Robledo
Seth and Sandra Edelstein Kendric Rollins and Mara Klug
Mike and Alicia Edwards Haojian Xu and Rong Fu
Les and Julie Eisner Alex Rose
El Segundo Commercial Pro/Layne Family Kevin and Diana Roundy
Craig and Carolyn Elder Jamison and Tami (Adkins) Sanchez
Todd and Kimberly Elenitsky Alex and Marisa Scarda
Martin Elliott and Kelly Watson Tim and Amie Schneider
Matthew and Tomoko Elliott Jeff and Beth Schodorf
Rick and Christine Engelhardt Walter and Phyllis Schumacher
Rob and Kelli Erickson Gina Seals
Carlo and Hope Escario Gerry and Helena Seli
Michael and Heike Fallon Allen and Annie Semerdjian
Ellen Faustine-Barnett Philip and Sueanne Shimon
Tom and Brenda Forsythe Ted and Tina Shoepe
Ephraim Freed and Sarah Porter Robert and Anne Slusser
Adam and Katia (Aryeh) Freedman Aaron Smith and Maureen Pacino
David and Dina Froemke Dan Smith and Birgit Schilcher
Daniel Fung and Jasia Hu Greg and Rainy Smith
Steve and Mary-Jo Gagliardi Blaine and Rungtiwa Snider
Earl Gales and Genn Wendlandt Brad and Maureen Sparks
Starla Gales Jeremy and Tracy Stahl
Luis Garcia and Katja Telp Tom and Erika Stebbins
Jim and Karen Garza Greg Steele and Linda Nagata
Scott Gastellu and Catherine Morin Alex and Jen Stein
Bryan and Sarah Gayer Eric and Sue-Jean Stevenson
Ray and Joanne Gen Phill and Julie Stolnack
Paul and Kimberly Giorgio Brady Sullivan and Pamela Villanueva
Andrew and Kelly Gittleman Pamela Haupert Sullivan
Frank Glynn and Susan Duffy-Glynn Tae Hyung (aka Aaron) and Christine Sung
Derek and Renee Gordon Ronald and Pia Takehara
Jon and Erin Goss Steve and Sasha Taylor
Tyler and Amy Grant The Jewelry Source
Rob and Lia Green David and Kim Thoman
Lester and Krista Grimm Paul Alexander Thompson
Brian Gross and Darren Nebesar Michael and Kim Tipton
Ryan and Erin Gulden David and Marjorie Tong
Moritz Hammer and Maben Jiménez Dana Torres
Sean Hanle and Courtney Kerrigan Lee and Angelica Torres
Chris and Meghan Hansen Michael and Theresa Torres
Alec and Amy Harrell Giovanni Troncoso and Juana Calzada
Tom and Erica Haupert Steve and Mei Tsai
Steve and Sheila Henry Craig and Angie (Northrup) Turner
George and Barbara Hickert Jamaal and Lauren Turner
Jacob and Laura Hill Matt and Jennifer Tyler
Elliot Hogg and Michelle Armacost Matthew and Erica Upshur
Jeff Huang Dickie Van Breene and Mark Burton
Kim Indelicato and Jennifer French Thomas and Nilda van der Woude
Maria Iniguez Thomas and Diane Vanek
Carl and Nancy Jacobson Walter and Maria (Grace) Walker
Jennifer Jacobson Andrew and Kendra Walther
Marco and Katja Jahn Kevin and Romy Walton
Libor and Marisa Janicek Joe and Jennifer Ward
Chris and Kelly Johnson Bill and Carol Watkins
Derek and Lisa Johnson Kirby and Tracy Weaver
Richie and Maggie Kelch Steve and Stella Webster
Chris and Michelle Keldorf David Weiss and Helen Jorna
Tridivesh and Tulika Kidambi Ed and Katherine Wich Sugden
Kevin and Natalie Kimm Lance and Connie Wight
Patrick and Alex King Kathy Wiley
Mary Klug Marc and Giselle Willick
Craig Knoblock and Claire Bono Thet Win and May Wynn-Maung
Jason and Stacy Knupfer Chinson and Olivia Yew
Michael Koh Mike and Tracey Zarneke
Jason Kroskrity  


Alex and Dorreen Abad
Robert and Christa Caban
Duane H. Conover, Esq.
Ben and Suzana Davidson
David Friedberg and Angela Damante
Lynn O’Neil James
Russell and Kirsten Kneipp


Aaron Bernardin and Lalima Hoq
Philip and Kathleen Buckley
David Crabbs
Patrick and Teri Doucette
Stewart and Kristine Marlborough
Melissa Moore
Roger and Michelle Nieves
Eric and Imelda Perry
Chris Powell
Ben and Amy Relles
Romeo and Mary Santos
Lee and Christine Sherrill
Paul and Sarah Snow

Honor Roll

Doug Bernauer & Mayra Zubia Randy & Jody Kleiger
Rakesh & Pragna Bhakta Jeremy & Judy Lai-Yates
Christian & Christina Bravo William & Carrie Marriott
Mike & Barbara Briney David & Virginia McPherson
Craig & Tiffany Brooks Eddie & Erika McRoberts
Lily Craig Ty & Tiffany Moore
Dick & Nancy Croxall Douglas & Aimee Nakagawa
Darrick & Milana Davis Jonathon Neumann
Daniel & Sonja Duffy Joseph & Angie O’Day
Dwight & Ann Everest Chris & Jayne Pimlott
Tom & Melinda Ezzo Robert & Maria Pita
Blake & Megan Fischer Ernie & Lorrie Poublon
Timothy & Lisa Frei Dan & Elizabeth Rahmel
Friends of El Segundo/Yes on Measure 2018 Curtis Raines & Samantha Sarakanti
Patrick & Jenny Gardner Rugiero & Liz Ramos
Jeff & Katherine Gettinger Matthew & Kelsey Robinson
Donald & Norma Gonzalez Francisco & Nadine Romero
Jason & Trina Gregory Alex Rose
Jeff & Kim Hart Philip & Sueanne Shimon
Jenn Jirkovsky Spencer & Madelon Smith
William & Laura Jordan Brad & Maureen Sparks
Tom & Chrissy Kehl Wade & Cathy Stevens
Michael & Maria Kiner/The Ralph Kiner Foundation Steve & Heather Sutherland
Nathan & Dina Kinkaid Erland & Naomi Wittig
Dave & Tracy Klages Steve & Soomin Yung

Dean’s List

David and Leslie Adlam Chris and Michelle Keldorf
Lance and Kourtney Alarcon Tridivesh and Tulika Kidambi
Kevin and Tammy Albano Patrick and Alex King
Paul and Maria Alcus Craig Knoblock and Claire Bono
Josh Alpert and Heidi Bremner / Good Swings Happen Jason and Stacy Knupfer
Jeff and Ann Amaral Kristian and Holly Kobzina
Bruce and Jane Anderson Jason Kroskrity
Joshua Arieta and Tami Higa Todd and Molly Kusserow
Tim and Robyn Arnold Maurice and Maria Lallemand
Chad and Jill Arthur Ryan and Vivian Lane
Ryan and Kara Baldino Paul Lanyi and Kristi Harris
Billy Barnhart and Michelle Murata-Barnhart Phil and Nancy Lawrence
Marc and Karen Basterretche John and Alice Lee
Eric and Marie Beetner Todd and Beth Levin
Jeff and Paula Belson Michael and Gwen Lipsey
Salim Bensrhir and Kiki Christensen Michael Littleton and Anu Garg
Bob and Barbara Berkes Russ and Marie Logan
Daniel and Chau Berman Rich and Stacee Long
Rupesh and Alka Bhakta Robert and Maria Luetgens
Chetan and Rina Bharel Al and Oli Luna
David and Connie Bloom Dawn MacFadyen
Jean-Louis Boudreau and Josette Murphy Ryan and Michelle Machado
Drew and Lee Boyles Mike and Jennifer Mackerer
Robert and Shannin Brooke Ricardo Mahmoud
Jeff and Susan Brown Tom and Nicole Mahoney
Chris and Danielle Busse Shawn Maller and Stacy Calvin
Lance and Julie Bustrum James and Laura Maloy
Neil and Becky Cadman Vincent and Armelle Marçais
David and Sherri Cadmus Jon-Michal Marr and Tiffany Jones
Alfredo and Kim Calimlim Family Trust Adrian and Amy Marsden
David and Susan Callahan Shawn and Lisa Matlosz
Gene and Patty Canzano Tracy and Karen McAndrews
Tony and Tara Carmichael Jim and Heather McCaulley
André and Shannon Castellanos Jonathan and Melissa McCaverty
Art Ceballos and Tiffany Fudenna Jason and Doris McDowall
Edwin and Christine Chang Michael and Miriam McMahan
Louis and Claudia Chasez William and Jill McNally
Alex and Sheri Chen Michael and Valeri Mendoza
Dan Chen and Cora Lee Robby and Lacey Meyers
Mark and Danielle Christian Kevin Miller
Jerry and Teresa Cipriano David and Laura Mitchell
Eve Claudino Denise Moore
Steve and Esther Cleland Gary and Lori Nelson
John and Syndi Clinton Steve Nelson and Sheila Miller-Nelson
Frank Coats and Naoko Matsumoto Tom and Pam Nelson
Nancy Cobb Brenda Newman
Shaun and Mariah Cooley Jeanie Nishime and Spencer Bauer
James and Therese Cortez David and Amber Okuno
Tony and Mary Cotrufo Paul Pastorelli and Jennifer Rowell
Stephen and Renate Craft Scott and Kristen Patterson
Brett and Breezy Craig Dolores Peterson
Rob and Amy Croxall Ellery and Mary Pierce
Edd and Jenny Davies Marc Pilkvist/MP Electric
Jamie Delgado Chris and Laura Pimentel
Gregory and Eva Dell Craig and Jill Pintens
James and Silke DeLouise Jack and Celia Plotkin
Jack and Lisa Desemone Ravi and Neha Prasad
Krisi Mills Donahue Jeff and Jill Puffer
Mike and Sarah Donohue Lance and Jennifer Ralls
Patrick and Kristen Dorr Michael and Stephanie Rasmussen
Mike and Marcy Dugan Michael Reed
Mike & Gilda Dyckman/Cars Muffler & Auto David and Nancy Reimann
Seth and Sandi Edelstein Brad and Kelly Remmer
El Segundo Commercial Pro/Layne Family Richard and Katherine Richter
El Segundo Senior Citizens Club Kendric Rollins and Mara Klug
Craig and Carolyn Elder Robert Romero and Gina Piercy
Todd and Kimberly Elenitsky Mike and Mary Rotolo
Martin Elliott and Kelly Watson Kevin and Diana Roundy
Matthew and Tomoko Elliott Alex and Marisa Scarda
Christopher and Donna Emmett Jeremy and Lisa Schilling
Rick and Christine Engelhardt Jeff and Beth Schodorf
Rob and Kelli Erickson Walter and Phyllis Schumacher
Aaron and Ashley Eveland Gerry and Helena Seli
Matthew and Helen Fahey Allen and Annie Semerdjian
Michael and Heike Fallon Selman and Pauline Shaby
Farmers Insurance Bagues-Wagner Agency Andrew and Kristie Sherrill
Dylan Farris Ted and Tina Shoepe
Ellen Faustine-Barnett Dan Smith and Birgit Schilcher
Tom and Brenda Forsythe Nihal and Shalini Solomon
Philip and Michele Francisco Jeremy and Tracy Stahl
James and Racquel Frawley Tom and Erika Stebbins
David and Dina Froemke Alex and Jen Stein
Jeremy and Carrie Fry Phill and Julie Stolnack
George and Robin Funk Gerhard and Sabine Strutz
Steve and Mary-Jo Gagliardi Ed Sugden and Katherine Wich Sugden
Brian and Maria Galli Brady Sullivan and Pamela Villanueva
Luis Garcia and Katja Telp Pamela Sullivan
Jim and Karen Garza Tae (aka Aaron) and Christine Sung
Sarah Gayer Ronald and Pia Takehara
Ray and Joanne Gen David and Kim Thoman
Paul and Kimberly Giorgio Michael and Kim Tipton
Lance and Gina Giroux Marjorie Tong
Frank Glynn and Susan Duffy-Glynn Lee and Angelica Torres
Scott and Elizabeth Goldfarb Sutut and Sophie Tritasavit
Derek and Renee Gordon Giovanni Troncoso and Juana Calzada
Brendan and Sara Gormley Steve and Mei Tsai
Jon and Erin Goss Craig and Angie (Northrup) Turner
Tyler and Amy Grant Jamaal and Lauren Turner
Rob and Lia Green Matt and Jennifer Tyler
Lester and Krista Grimm Matthew and Erica Upshur
Brian Gross and Darren Nebesar Dickie Van Breene and Mark Burton
Ryan and Erin Gulden Thomas and Nilda van der Woude
Sean Hanle and Courtney Kerrigan-Hanle Simon and Pamela van Os
Roy Hanson Thomas and Diane Vanek
Alec and Amy Harrell Thomas and Constance Vargo
Tom and Erica Haupert Walter and Maria (Grace) Walker
Steve and Sheila Henry Andrew and Kendra Walther
Rachel Herrera Joe and Jennifer Ward
George and Barbara Hickert Ben and Kandi Watkins
Jeff Huang Bill and Carol Watkins
Kim Indelicato and Jennifer French Kirby and Tracy Weaver
Dale and Toni Inghram/Blue Butterfly Steve and Stella Webster
Maria Iniguez David Weiss and Helen Jorna
Carl and Nancy Jacobson Craig Wellman and Devrim Isik-Wellman
Jennifer Jacobson Andrew and Dieema Wheaton
Libor and Marisa Janicek Kathy Wiley
John and Kathy Martin Marc and Giselle Willick
John and Nancy Edwards Family Foundation Christina Wimberly
Brian and Nadine Johnson Thet Win and May Wynn-Maung
Chris and Kelly Johnson Chinson and Olivia Yew
Derek and Lisa Johnson Mike and Tracey Zarneke
Richie and Maggie Kelch

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