2023-2024 Annual Appeal
$1,800,000 Grant

to ensure Every Student Wins!

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2023-2024 Annual Appeal
$1,800,000 Grant

to ensure Every Student Wins!

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2023-2024 Annual Appeal
$1,800,000 Grant

to ensure Every Student Wins!

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The Academy by Ed! offers academic programs throughout the year for enhancement and recovery. The classes are offered on a semester basis at some of the most affordable rates in the South Bay while also supporting our ESUSD teachers.

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Thank You

Thank you to our Community Business Partners for your generous support.


Change A Child's Future

The El Segundo Education Foundation represents a partnership of businesses, individuals, and families organized to support and enhance programs of the El Segundo Unified School District and to promote excellence in education.

Together, since 1983, Ed! has bridged the financial gap between state funding and the cost of a competitive and innovative education. Ed! is the only organization that can fund educational programs due to its commitment of an annual grant.

The El Segundo Unified School District submitted a grant request to the El Segundo Education Foundation at the end of last year for $1.8 million to support the coming 2023-2024 school year.

Donate, Support and Share. Every donation is important and needed to reach $1.8 million.
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Why Donate to Ed!?

Support the El Segundo Unified School District.

Ed! & PTA

Both serve an important role in keeping our schools strong. PTA works on projects for individual schools. Ed! provides financial support for ESUSD's program budget.

State Funding

ESUSD receives 45% less per student compared to California's highest funded school districts. Ed!'s yearly grant covers the cost of ESUSD's current level of education and what the state can provide.

How much should I donate?

Every size donation is important, valued and greatly appreciated. An average of $700 per student is needed to fulfill the grant requested by ESUSD.

Every Student Wins!

The ability to provide opportunities, guidance and support to all of our students fosters an environment to explore options and pushes the academic drive that benefits and ensures Every Student Wins!


Thank You for Caring for Our Students