Annual Pledge Drive

The gap keeps growing.

Our district’s primary funding comes from the State of California, which has steadily decreased since 2008, on average of $4.5 million dollars annually.  These budget cuts are alarming and cement our position at the bottom of the national ranking at 49th for per student spending. Though Prop 30 was passed in 2012, it is going to take 7 more years, till the year 2021, for the state of CA to fund ESUSD at the funding rate it received in 2008.   This means that a child entering 1st grade in 2017 will not receive funding at the 2008 level until he or she is in high school.

 The domino effect.

These continual budget cuts have forced us to a point of crisis.  A loss of $5 million+ annually has hindered the district resulting in the hiring of fewer teachers and counselors, larger class sizes and a cut in liberal arts curriculum. . This equates to less individualized attention for our children and compromised academic performance.  We cannot continue to allow the State to destructively underfund our schools.

 What is our solution?

It’s about fundraising, which isn’t a new concept in our public schools.  PTA has been hugely successful in maintaining our classrooms and schools.  But money they raise cannot help the gap in funding required per student for a quality education.  It will not save credentialed teachers, counselors and academic programs.  That’s where Ed! comes in.  We will raise funds to help save each student’s funding.

We, Ed!, means us…the community.  We need you.  And you.  And you!

There is no superhero or knight in shining armor.  It’s just us.  We must come together to protect the quality of our public schools so that we continue to be a desirable and flourishing community.  We need each of you to educate yourself on public school funding, to understand the correlation between a high-performing school district and the well-being of our community and, most importantly, to commit yourself to our students, schools and mission. We need you to donate to Ed! to help fund your child’s education.

How much are we asking for per child this year?

We are asking for a donation of $600 per child  For just $50 a month you can help make a huge impact in your child’s education.  You can also join the approximately 200 families in the community and become a Superintendent’s Round table member (SR) by donating $1,200 or more.


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