Dear ESUSD Alumni,

As a student of ESUSD, your school day looked very similar as to the student of today. You had a backpack, you got homework and you had good teachers.

However there is a one big difference. A major reduction in funding from the state.

In the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s California ranked in the top 10 in school funding. Today, California ranks 49th, basically at the bottom. So though from the outside the schools look the same, they are very different on the inside.

The definition of education has changed dramatically and the following non-essential programs are no longer funded by the state:   PE, counselors, art, music, drama, musical instruments, robotics, reading specialists and much more.   That’s where the El Segundo Ed! Foundation comes in!

As alumni of ESUSD, you know that access to the above mentioned programs helped you succeed in college and the workplace. This year, Ed! is raising $1.5 million to pay for these programs at ESUSD and we are asking the alumni to help us achieve that goal. Please “Pay it Forward” and give back to the schools that gave you so much. Invest in our students today so they may receive the quality of education you received.

Your support will make a difference! Contributions can be made via the enclosed envelope or online at www.ESEdF.org. Give today, give tomorrow, give monthly – all donations are welcome and make an impact.

Together, we ensure Every Student Wins!

Thank you in advance for your support of Ed! and ESUSD. We encourage you to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with our events, achievements, and announcements.


Carol Pirsztuk
Chief Executive Officer, Ed!
ESHS Class of ’81

Visit the El Segundo High School Alumni Association at http://www.elsegundoalumni.org