Ed!’s sole mission is to raise funds to support our public schools.  Ed! is unique in that it is the only parent and community organization that can pay for credentialed teachers, counselors and academic programs.  Funding from Ed! to ESUSD is given in the form of a grant, which is planned and annualized.

The Grant Process:

    • In the spring, a committee made up of Ed! board members, parents, board of education representatives and ESUSD representatives is formed.
    • The committee works on determining the monetary needs needs from the school district for programs and projects ESUSD needs for successful students and a growing school district.
    • A grant is then written up and presented to the Ed! Board for approval.
    • Approval will be based on monetary needs of ESUSD as well as current and past abilities of Ed! to fundraise.
    • Once the grant has been approved, ESUSD plans for the funds in its general budget