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Community TY End of Year Community TY End of Year


$999 – $500    
  Alternate Routes, Inc. Matthew and Deborah Goeglein David Russell Peck
  Randall  and Carie Boyce Susan Conradi Koppelman Beth Phelps
  Daniel and Jane Cray Stacee and Rich Long Robert and Anne Pordes
  Mike and Gilda Dyckman Bob and Patty Marak Ralphs Grocery Company/Kroger
  El Segundo Commercial Pro Douglas George Marconet Alex and Melody Rassouli
  El Segundo Police Officers Association Ion and Maria Muslea Janet Read
  Donna D. Emmett Lucas and Kate O’Riley Patrick and Susan Richardson
  John and Shiela Fowler Marjolein Oakley Mike and Mary Rotolo
  Mary-Jo & Steve Gagliardi Theresa Miglin Patten Spencer and Madelon Smith
$499 – $250    
  Anonymous Greg and Laura Gabel Shawn and Lisa Matlosz
  #3 K Building Services, Inc. Luis Garcia and Katja Telp Steve and Ann Mazuk
  Ken Adam Scott and DeDe Gerber James and Carolynne McLachlan
  Penny and Eric Armstrong Neal and Nora Gervais David  and Julie Mellen
  Jeff and Hilary J. Atteridge Serg and Jan Glusac Steven and Alicia Miller
  Windri Barriga Rush D. and Melanie Goodman Eslim Monroy
  Troy and Dale Bemis Grayt Idea, Inc. John Morton and Shannon O’Toole
  Matthew and DeAnn Biss Sergio and Lupita Gutierrez Craig and Kellie Mullins
  Jeanette and Jim Brill Scott and Laura Heflin Noren and Carmelyn Nagamine
  Laura L. Brown Scott and Theresa Herweg Chau Nakada
  Tom and Annette Brozenec Carrie Hickert Steve Nelson and Sheila  Miller-Nelson
  John and Cathy Buck Jun Honda Bob and Shannon Nichols
  Don and Jan Burkhard Benjamin Hsu Bernardo and Judy Nieto
  Stephan and Elaine  Butze Infinite Learning After School Enrichment Kevin Nonoguchi and Siu Long
  Neil and Rebecca Cadman Mario Inga Marty and Diane Olson
  Brett and Lisa Carlson Eric and Debra Jacobson John and Liz Owens
  Morris Chernick Courtney Jane Stewart Pacific Theaters
  Brad and Anne Chiet John and Afsaneh Jerman Robert M. Pagan
  Jennifer Clay Charles and Lisa Judge Miguel Palomino
  Jacques and Mary Clemenceau Thomas and Christina Kehl Victor and Brenda Paranal
  Glenn and Ann Coles Steve and Laura Kigawa Robert and Mary Jayne Pedersen
  Ruth and Stephen Cook Randy and Jody Kleiger Alary and Ann-Marie Piibe
  Mary Elaine Cooper Fay Kravagna Glen and Keri Porter
  David  and Shelby Covey Christopher Lachance Ed and Yvonne Portillo
  Robert H. Cramer Trinhly Lam and Traly Lee Jeff and Susan Post
  Robert and Lynn Cummings Alan and Michele Leach James and Betty Lou Powell
  Todd and Marcia DeAngelis Richard and Stephanie Leahy Marq and Carol Prince
  Al and Ruby Diy John and Paula Lee Manuel Quintero
  Irene and Duke Dulgarian Liong and Enna Lee Jessica Nina Ramirez
  Steve and Michelle Dunton Elvira and Carlos Lozano Ophelia Grenke and Bradley Rava
  ESHS Class of 1960 Jeff and Chris Lubs Jeff and Patty Reed
  Seth and Sandi Edelstein Michael and Kely Lyon Richard and Gilda Reitano
  Randal and Kathleen Edwards The Koran Family Fernando Rivera
  Les and Jule Eisner Vincent and Armelle Marcais Robert M. Pagan Construction Co., Inc.
  El Segundo High School PTA, Inc. Conny and Aristos Marinos Michael Romano
  Bill and Wendy Endo Doug and Mary Martes Ian Rusnell
  Rick and Christine Engelhardt Nicole Martin Thomas and Ellen Russ
  Dominic and Piper Engels Agustin Martinez Dean and Bernice Sadamune
  Michael and Heike Fallon Jim and Irene Maryoung John and Connie Saldin
  Scott and Penny Finders Michael and Edith Mateo Jeff and Beth Schodorf
  Charlie Fisher Donald and Catherine Matheson Sassan Senaati
$249 – $100    
  Anonymous ESUSD Leadership Team Anita Lai
  5th Grade Teachers – CSS Edward Phillip Eccles Noorali and Adela Lakhani
  Tim and Sondra Abrams Debbie Edwards Gary Landers
  Paul and Kisten Abramson Douglas Ross Eisenman Elizabeth Lang
  Terrin Adair El Segundo Woman’s Club Tad and Meighan Langlois
  Mike Ahir Robert Erickson Alexander and Sherri Latif
  Bernardo and Gina Ainza Carol Ericson Law Offices of Michael L. Abrams
  Kevin and Tammy Albano Derek and Candace Ernest Timm and Michelle Lawson
  Shanon Albertson Arturo Euyoque and Margarita Gomez-Euyoque John and Jamie Layana
  Amin and Melath Alhassan Roger and Catherine Everett Tracey Layana
  Angela Allen Leo and Frances Fahmie Anne Le
  The Alpert Family Shane and Viviane Falkenstein Suzanne Michelle LeAnce
  John and Teri Altenes Rocco and Tammy Farello Alice Lee
  Amanda Anderson Stacy Feinbloom Edward and Samantha Lee
  Demetress Anderson-Graham Erec and Darcie Fitzgerald Joohwan Lee
  Amy Andreini Leslie and Chuck Flanagan Rita Lee
  Edward and Lisa Araque Douglas A. Forsyth Olivia Bartel Leigh
  Cecilia Arguelles Jane Francis Susanna Leighton
  Armand A. Arias Jason Donald Frank Lloyd J. Lewins
  Frank and Edina Arjasbi Brian Freese San-pao Li
  Rick and Sheri Armijo Doug and Eileen Freiburger Marianne Lindsay
  Grace Arroyo Neil and Carol Frerichs Kent and Cathy Lindsay
  Hons and Jane Au Doug Froebe Tom and Joan Lindsey
  Jonathan Bar-On and Esther Kahn Jill Miller Froebe Joseph Michael and Gwendolyn Lipsey
  Matthew and Maria Barden Suzanne Fuentes Geoffrey and Alisa Lister
  Larry and Kathy Barnard James and Rossan Fulcomer Rick and Theresa Loe
  Robin Barnes James Garza Russ and Marie Logan
  Philip and Silvia Baxter Philip and  Stella Georgious Travis and Trisha Long
  Greg Beard Stacy Gerson Kahn Michael and Carol Shaw-Loose
  Cindy Beck Paul and Dee Giangrande Hamilton and Mary Lu
  Yolanda and Jack Berberian Brad and Heather Gilbert P. W. Ludwig
  Shuante Bingham Ray and Jeannie Ginther Robert and Maria Luetgens
  Vijay Bolloju Neil and Donna Goldman Stephanie Luu
  Rob and Lora Bongiovi Tim and Dyana Goldston Elizabeth MacMinn Jamner
  Mariano and Cheri Bonilla Javier Gomez Steve and Jenna Mai
  Asaf and Mandy Bora Jon and Martha Goodney Michael and Cathy Mai
  Wendy Borden-Haug Tim and Traci Granberg Jim and Ranne Makuta
  James and Peggy Boulgarides Robert and Michele Graner Jim and Laura Maloy
  Neal and Laura Jane Boushell Chris and Debbie Graves Nita Mann
  Randal and Jigisha Bouverat Curtis and Evelyn Gravett Bill and Julie Manning
  Peter and Lori Bowen Billy and Karin Graziadei Celia Manouchehry
  Mark and Laura Brackenbury Rob and Lia Green Carrie Ann Marcelletti
  Brian and Carrie Brandlin Rick and Carmen Gridley Mary and Terry Marchewka
  Jeff Brockman and Nathalie Desbiens Bridget and Devin Grim Ron and Joyce Marks
  Tiffany Brooks Carl and Brenda Gronhagen Jon K. Maruya
  Randy and Kotheldra Brown Maria Guardiola Michael Usher and Anne Mason
  Jaime and Karl Bruskotter Venkatasiva P. Gudla Dessiah Maxwell
  Tramanh Bui Maria Guerrero The Mayeda Family
  Jim and Jodi Burke James and Sherri Gulley Travis and Veronica McAndrews
  Eric and Andrea Busch Bryan and Rosemarie Gunning Christina McCrary
  Julie Bustrum John Gutt L. McCullough
  Rod and Kelley Butcher Adam Lawrence Guy Steven and Amy McDonald
  Stacey Butler Jacklyn R. Guy Josephine McFadden
  Ron and Robin Campbell Patricia Guzman Peter McKinney
  The Capital Group Companies Avi and Julie Haberfeld Aaron and Kimmerly McKinnon
  Myrna Carbajo Hacienda Hotel James and Joanna McLees
  Judith Cardella Stephen Hager  Michael and Miriam McMahan
  Bill Carr and Angela Phillips Mark Haley Tracey Dianne Meeks
  Floyd and Helen Carr Jr. Frank and Patricia Hamada Joaquin Mendez and Marivi Faase
  William A. Carr Kermit Gardner Hammond James Merkley
  Don and Sue Carter Beth and Michael Hapke Kevin Michael and Charlene Van Clieaf
  Tiffany Castro Jeri Harding Kevin Miller
  Arnel and Claudia Celestial Joseph Harding Steven and Bernadette Minton
  Center Street Crossing Guards Peter and Rebecca Harrison Virginia C. Mitchell
  Mark and Ines Cervenak Nanette Harshaw Jill Moeller
  Chris and Allison Chamberlin Alison Hart Adam Monin
  Michael and Susan Chang Cathie Haynes Benjamin Montalvo
  Yasin Chaudhry Gregg and Patty Hedrick David and Valli Moore
  Xavier and Jennifer Chavez Tim and Susan Hepburn Denis and Deborah Moran
  Ping Chan Chen Javier and Gina Hernandez Gerald and Elena Moreno
  Jeff Chinn Leslie Hill Steve and Michelle Mossman
  Michael Christensen and Carrie Levy Jay and Reba Hoeschler Ali and Ana Mostafania
  Ronald  and Vivian King-Hang Chu Tim and Pam Hovland Aaron and Judy Munger
  Chubb & Son Inc. Claudio Scott Howard Gerry and Beth Muraida
  Tracy Chumley Greg and Sharon Howell Wayne and Marva Murray
  Doug and Lori Clagg John & Susan Hudson Julia Myers
  Ramona Clarke Fuhrmann Annette Hudson Marlon Najera
  Sonja Cochran Robert Hudspeth Suhas Narayan
  Jon and Marina Cochrane Cathy Hudspeth-Shearon Mia Natsume
  Ralph and Brenda Colbert Matthew and Linda Sinclair and Beth Hughes Dan and Kim Nebel
  Nelline Consalvo Mike and Roxanne Hunkins Michael and Donna Nesci
  Robert and Laurie Cordobes Karen and Roy Hurd Brenda Newman
  Tony and Mary Cotrufo Nikola and Djordjiana Ignjatovic Adam and Linda Nicolai
   Linda Coughlin Michele L. James-Williams Pelle and Laura Nilsson
  Keith and Kathleen Covington Libor and Marisa Janicek Michael John Nolan
  Scott and Lori Crabbs Jas and Simer, Inc. Stan and Jin-Hee Nomura
  Rea Mara Crinklaw Jeff and Debra Jeffries Peter Novakovic
  Patty Crockett Danny and Kathy Jensen Amy O’Keefe
  Rob and Amy Croxall Kasidej Jindachot Karen K. Oh
  William Cumming Joe’s Auto Service Repair, Inc. Carol Okeya
  Patrick and Carmen Curry Carole Jones Luke Olesiuk
  Amy Cutter Casey and Shari Jones Erika Olmedo
  Ed and Lori Czerwinski Kimberly Jones Monica Villasenor Olmedo
  Sally Dail Venu Gopal Joshi Michelle Olson
  Sean and Sheryl Daniels Peter and Rebecca Kahane Orgel Construction Management
  Sherry Darling Jorge and Mirta Kaiser Jerome and Stephanie Osnower
  Eric and Bernadette Daroca Sara Kanaga Sal and Julissa Padilla
  Linda Daubson Ravi and Anusha Karunaratne David and Yvette Rookmaaker Pages
  Terrence and Judith De Kretser Scott and Kendall Katskee Daniel Palley
  David and Patricia De La Torre Rudy and Vicki Kattan Jasper and Lili Pang
  Brad and Heather DeBlanc Tom and Cornelia Kauth Saane Sharma Papalii
  Eddie and Holly DeJoy Tara Smith Keller Brent and Maureen Parker
  Renee DeVore Elizabeth B. Kelly Julie Parrino
  Gregory and Eva Dell Thomas D. Kendrick Lisa M. Parrish
  Marc Denegal LCDR Purich Khanchua Jim and Connie Pate
  Maria Denlinger Chris and Dana King Aikyatha Kamalakar Patil
  Kevin and Tulynn DiCerbo Jennifer Kirkley Janna Payne
  Marisa Diaz Lawrence and Darlene Klingaman Dan and Jan Peebles
  Joel and Angel Dixon David and Jana Kopecky Marc and Ellaine Phelps
  Dornblaser’s Hair Design Rama Korlapati Tom and Lisa Pickle
  Mike Doucette Anne Kremer and Ron Bijlsma Al and Pamela Pinheiro
  Yadranka Lucia Draskovic Thomas and Carmen Ku Jack Plotkin
  Consuelo Ducoing Richard and Julie Kuebler Cheryl Lee Polny
  Gerard and Kim Duiker Kumon Math and Reading Center of El Segundo George Poppe
  Michael and Stacy Durand Todd and Molly Kusserow Steve and Elisabet Port
  Peter J. Dykeman Ricky Labayen Kegan Portillo
$99 – $1    
  Anonymous Richard and Viera Ewell Kimberly Lormans
  Jerry and Teresa Allen G. Kevin Fasic Peter and Marie Loye
  Cynthia E. Almanza Todd and Sharon Felker Fabiola Lozano
  Ricardo and Sharon Armendariz Donald and Kristina Fields Alfred Luetgens
  Kimberly Aucella Lisa Audrey Fisher Xiaofang Luo
  Karen Bonam Kevin Fitzpatrick Keith and Margie Lynch
  Jeffrey Baldwin Helen Foster Bobbette Lee McDonald
  Edward L. Bennett Judy Frank Valerie Mackenzie
  Denise Berringer-Wood Gina Elizabeth Gagnier Susan Marie Maisonet
  Christina Biggerstaff Lianying Gao Albert and Louise Maloy
  Maureen Blache’ Brenda Maria Garibaldi Chuck and Patricia Mann
  Borders, Inc. Balli Ghotra Norma Martin
  Joe T. Brandon Larry and Lisa Gladstone Rudy Masis
  David and Susan Callahan Adrian and LeAnn Gonzalez Alison Mattiza
  Keith and Andrea Cameron Dolores Gonzalez Van and Alison Mattiza
  Carrie Camilleri Jonathan and Debra Greenway Jo Ann May
  Steve Carroll Marilyn Sue Harper Karoline McClemens
  Craig and Gayle CdeBaca Amanda Harris Marilyn McGrath
  Michael and Donna Cervenak Brian and Mary Hayes John and Elizabeth Mead
  Chenyu Chang Christopher Hentz Ramona and Peter Millar
  James and Rhonda Chatterton Gary and Lola Hongo James Miller and Sandra Miller-Manzo
  Laura F. Chittum Renee Hoover Dan and Sandee Montrose
  Patricia A. Clay Krista Hopkins Daphne Moote
  Cathy Hunt and Ron Cleary Robin R. Hurtt Ellen Muhlbradt
  Eric Cohen Heidi Jaeger Corinne Murat
  Don Cooper and Lisa Wilkin Michelle Teresa Johnstone Tim and Katie Nelson
  Scott and Lori Dallavo Paul and Jennifer Kakuske Maria O’Brien
  Nehal Desai Chuck and Wanda Kaminski Mickey O’Rourke
  Craig and Shannon Diller Margaret S. Keenan Joseph Parrino
  Lorraine Edralin Jack and Norma Keller Wallace and Teresa Peoples
  Robert Ehlers Victoria Kofler Dolores Peterson
  El Segundo Middle School Faculty Jennifer Ann LaMere Cheryl Polsky
  El Segundo Middle School PTA Andrea Lance Connie Polvino
  El Segundo PTA’s Mary Lee Lavelle Chris Prengaman
  Martin Elliott and Kelly Watson Martha E. Ledesma-Paz Jeff and Jill Puffer
  Thomas Ellis Michelle Ya-Shen Li Norma Ramsay
  Steven Eno Mark and Tori Ann Linscomb Sandra Resendiz
  Carolina Escobar Felizardo and Maria Lopez Albert and Lori Rico