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Why A Community Appeal?   The annual Ed! grant is completely dependent on a successful Community Annual Appeal. It alone raises close to $1 million of the $1.8 million that goes directly towards ESUSD’s academic budget.


Why a grant?    ESUSD only receives about $8,500 per student from the State of California. The average district in California receives around $9,900 and the top districts receive $20,000+. Yes! It is true. El Segundo is one of the worst funded school districts. The current curriculum El Segundo students receive today costs about $9,300. This leaves an $800 gap per student. Ed!’s ask this year of $700 per student helps bridge that gap.


ESUSD is outstanding because of you and students excel because of your commitment to invest in education. Together, we continue to sustain, maintain and enhance  our schools and our community.


Thank you for your generous support!