Founded in 1983 by concerned parents and community leaders of the South Bay, The El Segundo Education Foundation has the sole purpose to narrow the widening gap between state funds we require to maintain excellence in our schools and those our state provides.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.13.26 PMThis is an issue that affects our entire community because when our school district is fully-funded and our schools perform well, people want to live here.  This in turn elevates our property values as well as brings support to our local businesses.

Ed!’s goal is to unite businesses, corporations and residents throughout our community to provide sustainable and consistent funding directly to the public schools of the El Segundo Unified School District.

The gap keeps growing.
Our district’s funding from the State of California has been steadily declining since 2007, an average of $4.5 million dollars annually.  These budget cuts are alarming and cement our position at the bottom of the national ranking for per-student spending.

The domino effect.
These continual budget cuts have forced us to a point of crisis.  A loss of $5 million+ next year could mean there will be fewer teachers and counselors so we must be prepared for increased class sizes at every level and the reduction of counseling programs at the middle and high school levels. If the cuts are deeper, additional furlough days or weeks will be added to make ends meet. This equates to less individualized attention for our children and compromised academic performance.

What is our solution?
It’s about fundraising, which isn’t a new concept in our public schools.  PTA has been hugely successful in maintaining our classrooms and schools.  But money they raise cannot help the gap in funding required per student for a quality education.  It will not save credentialed teachers, counselors and academic programs.  That’s where Ed! comes in.  We raise funds to help save programs needed to ensure our students’ academic success.

We need you.  And you.  And you!
There is no superhero or knight in shining armor.  It’s just us.  We must come together to protect the quality of our public schools so that we continue to be a desirable and flourishing community.  We need each of you to educate yourself on public school funding, to understand the correlation between a high-performing school district and the well-being of our community and, most importantly, to commit yourself to our students, schools and mission.