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2018 Winter Pledge Drive Is On!

February 8, 2018 | 0 Comments


Dear ESUSD Families,

Happy Winter!
As you receive this letter, our community’s students will be starting the 2nd semester of the 2017-2018 academic year. Can you believe we are already half way to summer?!
On behalf of our volunteer Board and our dedicated staff, our Community Appeal committee is excited to announce our Winter Pledge Drive! This year’s pledge is to provide El Segundo Unified School District with a record $1,500,000 grant! In order to meet that goal and keep the programs that provide our children with a world class, 21st Century learning opportunity, we need everyone’s support and donations, no matter how big or small.
This year’s pledge is our commitment to guarantee that “Every Student Wins” with programs that will affect, enrich and provide a pathway for Every Student to Win the future they deserve. Your donations enable ESUSD to invest in academic programs normally not provided in public schools.
Programs funded by your donations to Ed! for the 2017-18 school year:
ESHS: AVID & Link Crew, Biomedical Science, College & Career Counseling, Drama, Music, Vocals, Librarians, Junior Achievement, Robotics
ESMS: International Baccalaureate, Instruments, Strings, Music, Vocals, Music Prod. Technology, Spanish, Librarians, Counseling, Junior Achievement, W.E.B., Link Crew, Robotics
CSS & RSS: Art Instruction, STEM, Computer Science, Librarians, Literacy Coaching, Music, Vocals, Physical Education, Math Coaching
For those of you who participated in our Fall Pledge Drive and/or have already contributed, THANK YOU! Thus far, approximately 35% of our school families have generously contributed to Ed! and their contributions are already making a meaningful impact. Unfortunately, we simply need more participation of all sizes if we are going to meet our grant!
Our per student donation request is $600 or a donation of at least $1,200 for the Superintendent’s Roundtable membership. Many employers match employee donations so for every dollar donated your total contribution could be doubled. Another great option is a monthly contribution. Did you realize that a $50 monthly donation is the per student donation request?
Much has been discussed of the new Tax Code of 2018. While most of us have little knowledge of the full impact, the current, undeniable facts remain the same: California is 49th in per pupil funding in the United States and ESUSD is in the lowest 1% of funding from the State. The new tax codes are not going to increase school funding today and our students deserve the best educational opportunities now.
Our Winter Pledge Drive starts February 1st and runs through February 28th. Please visit us online www.esedf.org/donate, over the phone 310.615.2650 x1705 or in the Ed! Offices.
Thank you!
Neil R. Cadman
El Segundo Education Foundation